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We are a supportive Community, where there are no dumb questions, and
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Let's all make kindness the rule, so everyone may benefit from the experience.
Check your ego at the door.
Enter this site as a student or a helper.

The site text book is 'Medical Growing: a Garden of Peace'.
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Please remember this is not a debate forum, it is my classroom, and I am providing this advanced
information for the benefit of growers, not for corporations, and I run this forum at my own expense.

With all due respects to experienced growers: This site is especially for new growers, and my
solutions might be different from yours, since my answers will be more relevant to using the 12-1. Still,
anyone is welcome to learn, so experienced growers, all I ask is that you please keep an open mind.

The methods I teach here are proven, I have taught very many growers in my 15 years working with
Cannabis. so please do not start arguments over alternating methods, or be disrespectful because your
methods differ. I will just kick you out.

Please refrain from: posting political posts, off topic posts about your dog,
no drama queens, please don't hijack others' subjects in their posts,and don't sell weed. Its not that
kind of place.

Disrespectful attitudes, irrelevant posts, and advertizing any items for sale will get you
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Thanks for your understanding.

Daniel Boughen
Owner and proprietor of H.I.G.E
Author of 'Medical Growing: a Garden of Peace'